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  What is Good Tree Ministry and it's Goals?

Good Tree Ministries visionary, Pastor William Hodge, had felt the call on his life to be a minister since he was very young. It wasn't till in his late twenties that he felt the strong urgency to rededicate his life to Christ and focus on the purpose and plan God had originaly for him. Pastor Hodge had already began a ten year career serving the Florida community through; Law Enforcement, Corrections, youth coaching, and aquatics training prior to Good Tree Ministry. But as the Lord would have it, it was time to move forward for His glory.

The name given to the ministry obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit, developed in 1991 while Pastor Hodge was volunteering for a Youth for Christ program in Bradenton , Fl.. Hodge was inspired by a senior youth ministers words spoken over him as they set out to minister to a migrant worker settlement in north Manatee County, Fl. Brother Brown, the youth minister pointed to an orange grove as they headed to the migrant camp and told Hodge that Hodge was like one of those orange trees. Brother Brown told Hodge that he was a good tree that was heavy with good fruit. Eight years later and prompted by the Holy Spirit, Good Tree Ministry, International Fellowship began to move forward

Pastor Bill Hodge, is not your ordinary minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Bill has an intense desire to see the Body of Christ take their place and move the Kingdom of God forward in this world. The Spirit of God has gifted him with the ability to see the giftings in others and has a great miistry in calling them out. As you check out the ministry you will see a common message throughout this five fold ministry and that is to get off the pews and show up for duty. May the blessed Holy Spirit move you as you invest a few minutes with the Good Tree Ministry "Go Team!"


To continue to promote and man the Lansing area prayer booths. To encourage and train others to do likewise throughout the State of Michigan and eventually to the nations. To allow an avenue for Asst. Chaplains to train and excell in their spritual giftings. To eventually have prayer booths on over a 100 corners in Lansing, Mi.. To be out on the street corners and in the hospitals 7 days a week.

Acquire our 501 C-3 by next year and maintain a responsible and ethical accountability program for the ministry as we provide for the works of the Lord. This area of the ministry to be overseen by all Chapains of Good Tree Ministry who have and can utilize the administrative giftings of the Holy Spirit.

Open and maintain a training facility that will assist in training the Body of Christ in all the spiritual giftings of the Holy Spirit. (fullfilling the Great Commission) To include a fellowship / worship facility as well as a shelter / distribution center of food and clothing for the less fortunate.