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  Chaplaincy Training Program

One of the unique ministry opportunities through Good Tree Ministry is our new Chaplaincy Training Program. The program is not related to any other Chaplaincy training programs and was designed specifically to train up those who have a burden in their heart to serve Christ the ability to do so.

Pastor and Instructor Bill Hodge is not only a trained and certified Chaplain but brings a unique and refreshing approach to the training classroom. His Law Enforcement / Corrections experienced coupled with his street ministry experience will have you fired up and ready to put those spiritual gifts and talents to use for the Kingdom of God.

The class covers a variety of ministry subjects keeping in mind your calling. We are very interested in our Chaplains learning hands on techniques that will enable them to be more effective in the call placed on their life.

Classroom training last approximately 20 hours but requires 80 hours of actual ministry experience which will be done with our "Go Team" or under the direction of a Ordained Minister of like calling.

We request a letter of reference from your Pastor or an interview with our team if you are interested in any of the classes offered through the ministry.

We truly believe in you and your gifts and pray we may be of assistance as you advance in your ministry.

Contact us via E-mail and one of our Chaplains will contact you.

There is no fee for this course, however we hope you will invest in prayer for the continued success of this vital ministry. (and you thought we were going to solicit funds from you. I don't think so!)

Below you will find an introduction to the course and the course outline:


Welcome to Good Tree Ministries Chaplaincy program, we are excited to assist you with your ministries goals and we pray that this program will assist you in seeing doors openned wide for you as you venture forth in faith.

Our goal today is to introduce you to the role of a chaplain and define the chaplains duties as a minister of the Gospel in and around the work place, school, or government facilities.

After completion of this course you will have the opportunity to become a Chaplain or Assistant Chaplain depending on your ability and understanding of your giftings through the Holy Spirit.

The areas that will be covered in this class are for our ministers only and are not transferable at this time to any other ministry other than, Pray America, and Good Tree Ministry open door fellowship.

Topics Covered will include; 1.) The role of a chaplain in the work place, schools, and prisons or jails. 2.) The laws that protect the chaplain. 3.) Duties of a chaplain. 4.) Death notifications. 5.) What is expected from you as a chaplain with Good Tree Ministry.


Good Treee Ministry
School of Chaplaincy
Sr. Chaplain Wm. Hodge

Intro:		( 10 minutes)

	What is Chaplaincy
		a. history
		b. importance
		c. chaplaincy in ministry

Part One: 	( 50 minutes)

	Types of Chaplains
		a. government
		b. secular
		c. private sector
		d. religious sector

	Duties and responsibilities of Chaplains
		a. Biblical counseling	
		b. spiritual guidence / leadership
		c. intercessory obligations
		d. adhering to administration policies
		e. death notifications
		f. crisis management / support
		g. marriage / counseling
		h. sensitivity / cofidentiality

Part  Two:	( 50 minutes)

	Costitutionality of Chaplains
		a. Lemon vs. Kurtzman Law, 1971
			1. three elements

	Last days chaplaincy
		a. what God has to say about this time
		b. what to do if,....?
		c. who do you serve?
		d. who is my covering?
		e. faith without works / schooling with practical application

	Good Tree Ministry Chaplaincy
		a. go, grow, fruits, roots, and soul patrol
		b. opening doors
		c. accountability / fellowship
		d. rights and privelages of a Chapalin with G.T.M.

Assistant Chaplains are required to take an additional 18 hours of classroom training and have logged 80 or more hours in direct service for Good Tree Ministry or a ministry of their choosing and have said hours certified by a Chaplain of Good Tree Ministry. Assistant Chaplains must be in good standing within their homes and community and need to be accountable to a fellow Chaplain according to scripture at least weekly. Final approval for Chaplaincy will be determined in prayer and seriousness of the applicant for said ministry by ministry Chaplains.