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  Prayer Booth Ministry

"Just show up!" says the Lord. And they have been doing just that ever since.

The prayer booth ministry is truly a move of the Holy Spirit. While in listening prayer four years ago, a vision of street corner prayer booths came to Pastor Bill. Not being recognized by the local churches in his calling at this time, he struggled relaying this vision with the Body of Christ in Lansing, Michigan. Finnaly after an article printed in Prayer magazine on the topic of prayer stations located in New York City printed that next year (1999) did anyone start to give creedence to the possibilities of corner prayer booths to be set up in the Lansing area. Pastor Bill after getting over his own self rightousness (ouch!) organized the first prayer team to hit the streets in Lansing on a trial run. It was successful! Great! Let's do this agian! The very next month the same team went back out on the same downtown corner and to their surprise, started to get feedback from the last prayer booth done the month prior. People who had been prayed for were coming up and praising God for answered prayer. You would think that would motivate the Body of Christ to get out there after such great testimonies. It wasn't until Pastor Bill received the next vision that has kept him out there on the street corners ever sense.

*** I was leaving church one Sunday morning, most of the congregation had left and I was by myself in the vestibule that led out to the parking lot when I turned my head and saw Jesus holding onto jail cell bars looking out onto the parking lot through a small vestibule window. I could see out the window and noticed that the parking lot was as far as you could see and full of broken pavement and weeds. Jesus turned His head to me with tears in His eyes and said; "they won't let me out there."

It wasn't much longer while in worship at the same church that the Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Bill again and said; He is not in here, He is out there, where you all need to be. For they are out there with Him and need to be brought here.

That was it for Pastor Bill, leaving all others he left and continued the prayer booth ministry with a few go getters like himself and has seen Jesus work miricles in the lives of who ever the Lord brought to His prayer booth. "I've learned more about Jesus out here than I have learned anywhere else," says Pastor Bill.

Feel free to contact us via E-mail if you would like to set up your own street corner ministry. As the Lord permits, we will come and assist as you, "step out and show up for duty."

NOTE: You do not need to be an ordained minister to do this ministry, but we encourage you to read; John 15 v 16, then speak those words of God over yourself and then get out there. We have learned more about how to minister by going and ministering than sitting on our pews every Sunday morning wondering when the pastors going to stop preaching and if you can get to Ponderosa before the rest of the congregation does.

Oh, and by the way, next time your at church sitting in your favorite pew, look underneath your pew and see if your Spiritual Gift is buried there. (Matthew 25 v 14 - 30)

Come on out, the Son is shining, and the River is flowing deep and wide.

Pastor Bill and his Go team are available to travel and encourage your congregation to get stirred up and GO!

Please allow at least a month so we can pray and prepare for each and everyone of you.