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History of Canada

  1. Discovery of Canada
  2. Rediscovery and Exploration
  3. Cartier's Explorations
  4. End of the First Colonizing Effort
  5. The Founding of New France
  6. The Father of New France
  7. For the Glory of God
  8. Seigneur and Habitant
  9. Governor, Intendant and Bishop
  10. French and English Rivalry
  11. The Final Struggle for the Continent
  12. Early Brittish Rule
  13. The Quebec Act of 1774
  14. The United Empire Loyalists
  15. Upper and Lower Canada
  16. Settlement and Exploration in the West
  17. The Selkirk Settlement
  18. The War of 1812
  19. Struggle for Self-Government
  20. Mackenzie and Papineou Rebel
  21. The Durham Report
  22. Canada West and Canada East
  23. The Colonies Grow Up
  24. Settlement on the Pacific Coast
  25. The Confederation Idea
  26. Dominion from Sea to Sea
  27. New Dominion is Launched
  28. MacDonald's National Policy
  29. The Age of Laurier
  30. Canada and World War I
  31. Canada Between the Wars
  32. The Brittish Commonwealth of Nations
  33. Canada and World War II
  34. Postwar Developments
  35. Centennial of Canadian Confederation
  36. Quebec Separatism
  37. Modern Canadian Leadership
  38. Native Peoples Issues

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